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Freilassung von Julian Assange

2022 sollte das Jahr der Freilassung des illegal inhaftierten Wikileaks-Gründers Assange werden. Darum verlinken wir hier in loser Folge Initiativen und Kampagnen, die sich dafür einsetzen. Und beginnen hier mit Attac Dresden. #freeAssange

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Noa Gur about an important neglected Fact revealing the Underestimation of Racist Threats to Minorities – Hanau/Dresden

Over 10 years ago a young muslim woman was brutally murdered inside of the city’s courthouse in Dresden/Germany, right after a trial regarding an “insult” (racial slurs). The officials have declared it as an utter surprise, although there was a documented letter by the defendant, A. Wiens, sent to the court before. It applied an extremist & racist rhetoric which ...

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